Past releases - Newest to oldest



Harvest Ale - 500mL 5%

fermented on 100% Pinot Noir lees and brewed with foraged wild rose hips & bramble.

Dark amber with rose notes and jammy undertones and a dry and tart finish

 Artist - Alexis Snell

ビール Beer with Sake Kasu and Persimmon - 355ml 4.8%

A pale sour beer fermented on 100% sake lees and finished with persimmon.

Intensely tart with a big umami punch and layers of fruit.

 Artist - Joe Lyward 

Milky Way Custard Apple Cream Sour - 355ml 4.8%

Our Homage to the ubiquitous Japanese fermented milk drink Calpis, our interpretation is a cream sour brewed with Custard Apple and Vanilla. Creamy, tart and extremely moreish.

 Artist - Joe Lyward 

Fields V2 - 355ml 5.7% 

 Hazy, hoppy and juicy beer brewed with a cocktail of yeast as well as farmhouse rhubarb and nectarine  Artist - Wouter Tjeenk Willink  Mr.Nelson design

Uni - Sea Urchin & Lemon Myrtle Gose - 355ml 4.5% 

A Gose brewed for the Wild Seafood Festival in Mallacoota 

with local Sea Urchin and Lemon Myrtle foraged by Trish Butler & Noel Butler (Budawang Elder of the Yuin Nation) The Sea Urchin roe adds a subtle umami quality which is offset by the bright lemony finish from the Lemon Myrtle.

 Artist - Joe Lyward

Crystal Healing - 355ml 4.7%

collaboration with Stomping Ground & Little Latin Lucy.

This is a Gose brewed with Crystal Apple Cucumber from our farm

& Foraged Karkalla and Prickly Pear. Tangy and refreshing with a saline edge.

 Artist - Joe Lyward

Fields - 355ml 5.4%

 Hazy, hoppy and juicy beer brewed with a cocktail of yeast as well as apricots and lemon balm for this round..  Artist - Wouter Tjeenk Willink  Mr.Nelson design

Blood Moon - Blood Plum Altocumulus - 355ml 4.6%

Super refreshing Berliner Weisse, brewed with Blood Plums from Picnic Point Farm and dry hopped with Amarillo, El Dorado & Cascade. Creamy, tart, bright and refreshing.  

Artist - Joe Lyward

My Little Juicy Farmhouse - 355ml 5.4%  

Hoppy Hazy Juicy Farmhouse with a big creamy citrus punch and mild funkiness. Brewed with a cocktail of yeasts and local Chardonnay lees and with the addition of grapefruit from our farm orchard and foraged wild plums. Artist - Joe Lyward

Summer Pudding Cream Sour - 355ml 4.8%

On our continuing series of Cream Sours in the style of our Peach Melba Pavlova. with a heap of mixed berries (blackberry, raspberry, red & black currents, boysenberry), kettle soured, lactose heavy and vanilla finished – extremely yummy with super-bright acidity, loads of fruit and a cream & vanilla finish.  Artist - Joe Lyward

Blood & Sand (collaboration with Lark Whisky) - 355ml 5.5%

Based on the eponymous cocktail, this is a pale and creamy beer partially aged in Lark Whisky barrels and then blended with beer aged on sour & sweet cherries and blood lime.

Artist - Joe Lyward

Over His Banes (3 Ravens Collaboration) New World Sahti - 355ml 5.5%

A barley, triticale and oat base partially fermented on Tivoli Rd rye sourdough starter and infused with Geraldton Wax and Lemon Myrtle. A pale and hazy body with bright funk and acidity and beautiful lemon / kafir lime character from the Wax and Lemon Myrtle.

Artist - Joe Lyward

Featherlight - 355ml 2.7%

Berliner Weisse brewed with passionfruit and Coast Everlasting - This is a bright and tangy hazy sour with top notes of passionfruit and a herbal fruitiness from Coast Everlasting ( a coast loving shrub foraged neat the farm) Dry- finishing and very drinkable.  

Artist - Joe Lyward

Into The Pines - Forest Ale - 355ml 5.5%

Brewed in collaboration with Hogget Kitchen. A dark and tangy ale with subtle additions of wild pine mushrooms (foraged by Hogget Kitchen), pine leaves and a bunch of woodsy / piney hops. umami and bright pine aromatics combine with earthy and tangy malt to evoke a walk in the forest!   Artist - Joe Lyward

​​Sea Fret - White Beer with Coastal saltbush - 355ml 4.8%

Hoppy & Tart belgin white IPA brewed with foraged coastal saltbush​

  Artist - Joe Lyward

Wild Strawberries - 355ml 4.5%

Inspired by the PNAU song Wild Strawberries, this GABS 18 beer is an hommage to the song that got us through many a hard canning day! A kettle sour brewed with lactose, vanilla &

local fresh & wild strawberries.  Artist - Joe Lyward

Birds of Paradise Equatorial Cream Sour - 355ml 4.8%

Our collababy with Paradise Alley – Brewed in honour of and inspired by the rare and beautiful creatures of Paradise Alley, and using fruits and spices from the equatorial regions. Our Equatorial Cream sour joins our continuing series of Cream Sours, and is brewed with Milk Fruit, Pineapple, Tamarind, kettle soured, lactose heavy and vanilla finished.

.  Artist - Adam Kinninmont

Lemon Meringue Cream Sour - 355ml 4.8% 

 Kettle soured and brewed with local organic lemons, lactose and vanilla, then dry-hopped heavily with Lemondrop, Denali, Amarillo & Citra. A billowy body with lemon zing and bright hoppiness. Creamy, tart and refreshing in the style of our Peach Melba Pavlova Cream Sour.  Artist - Joe Lyward

sqiud whale label.jpg

Squid vs Whale  500ml - 3 versions 

A maelstrom of hops brawling into creamy stone fruit and citrus cloud.

A big hazy beer with loads of texture and citrus / stone fruit juiciness and bright wine-like aroma. Brewed with lactose and a mountain of oats as well as citrus and stone fruit hops. 

  Artist - Joe Lyward


The Swim: Gose brewed with sea figs - 355ml 4.8% 

Pale straw gold in colour with a fluffy white head, The Swim tones back the salt and acidity to a balanced and thirst-quenching level that is accessible to all pallettes. We use a combination of Pilsner, wheat and acidulated malts, with subtle mineral & citrus notes and an ocean tang.

Brewed with locally foraged Sea fig – the succulent fruit of the dune growing Pig Face. This adds subtle honey and juicy fruit character  We use salt harvested from the ocean in front of our farm  Artist - Joe Lyward

Dead will rise label for Gab.jpg

Dead Will Rise - 355ml 4.7% 

Dry-Hopped Hazy Mexican lager brewed with fresh Sweet Corn 4.7% ABV

Sailors Grave brewery is located on the Plains of the Snowy River and folks have been growing sweet & pop corn for generations, so when a neighbouring farmer offered a plantation of sweet corn....well we said yes! We quickly put on our thinking caps and here is the resulting beer: 'DEAD WILL RISE' a clean yet hazy Mexican Lager brewed with 150 kilo of sweet sweet corn! The resulting beer is a hazy corn colour with a citrus twist from hefty dry hopping of Amarillo, Cascade & Centennial.

 Artist - Joe Lyward

Australian Gothic: Dry-hopped Apricot Farmhouse with wormwood - 355ml 5.4% 

Brewed with 100kg of organic apricots from Murray View Organics, this farmhouse ale pours a hazy glowing orange and bursts with bright stonefruit character. The creamy mouthfeel finishes dry and the spicy/estery yeast character is balanced by generous dry hoping with Simcoe and Summer hops. A late addition of wormwood leaves from our farm adds a slight earthy camphor note. Fruity creamy and lightly spicy, this is a very drinkable beer!

 Artist - Joe Lyward

Chinotto Birra - 355ml 5.6% 

Inspired by the iconic Italian soda Chinotto. Over two weeks we brined the Chinotto oranges in seawater and brown sugar, then candied them onto a syrup with Cassia bark. Blended into a sweet / tangy malt base, this is the Dean Martin of beers, crooning the bittersweet notes of a golden era. Thanks to Mountain Yuzu for saving us their entire crop of Chinotto oranges and Toby from Firedoor for working with us on the recipe. 

Artist - Joe Lyward

Tangerine Dream Altocumulus: Dry-hopped tangerine Berliner Weisse - 355ml 4.4%

Our Third installment of our Altocumulus series is brewed with zest and juice of tangerines from our citrus supplier Val & Biddy and some cumquats from mums garden.

Altocumulus is a super refreshing citrus Berliner Weisse, dry hopped with Amarillo & Cascade, and brewed a touch of rolled oats for a creamy mouth feel.  Artist - Joe Lyward

Peach Melba Pavlova Cream Sour - 355ml 4.8%

Brewed with Christmas day in mind, this beer picks up on what that Milky Way was droppin, what can we say we love that lactose! A milky cream kettle sour brewed with peaches, raspberries, vanilla & lactose in honour of two summer desserts that are in honour of two cultural icons.Light as a billowy cloud - an all singing, all dancing Christmas beer

 Artist - Joe Lyward

Law of the Tongue - 355ml 5.8%

Smokey Oyster Stout brewed with Wapengo Rock Oysters & Sunrise Limes 5.8% ABV

This is the story of an Orca named Old Tom, who during the early 20th century spent almost four decades helping Sapphire Coast fishermen catch baleen whales . In return, Old Tom and his pod feasted on the lips and tongues of the whalers' haul. This was known as the ‘Law of the Tongue’  An Oyster Stout brewed in collaboration with Wapango Rocks Wild Organic Oysters. 80 dozen oysters harvested by Shane Buckley from Wapengo Rocks were added to the kettle to provide subtle mineral and ocean flavours. Also brewed with Beechwood smoked malt, lactose and Sunrise Limes (a cross between a native lime and a cumquat) from Murray View Organics. Smooth, creamy and full-bodied with a bacon-like smokiness and citrus kick in the tail. Impenetrably dark and beautifully balanced – drink with a dozen or so freshly shucked ice-cold oysters  Artist - Joe Lyward

Nuts! Chestnut vs Hazelnut - 355ml 4.8% 

A Brown Ale brewed with hazelnuts and chestnuts grown by Jane & Brian Casey from Australian Gourmet Chestnuts in Eurobin and kindly wood roasted by our friends at Lindenow Long Paddock. A creamy body with a deep tangy malt character balanced by smooth and roasty nuttiness.  Artist - Joe Lyward

Summer_Clean No Silver.jpg

Summer Farmhouse Ale with Rhubarb, Strawberry & Fennel Pollen - 500ml 5.2%

A Summer Farmhouse Ale fermented on 100% Lightfoot and Son’s Chardonnay Lees from a mix of funky and clean barrels. Strawberries and Rhubarb from Joe’s garden and Sardine Creek farm add bright and tart fruit notes, while dry-hopping with wild foraged fennel pollen adds a creamy aniseed character. Balanced and very drinkable with layers of complexity.

. Artist - Melissa Castrillon.


Spring Farmhouse with Wild Weed & Bergamot - 500ml 5.6%

Our Third installment of our seasonal 500ml farmhouse ales was the last brew we did 2 days before Solomon was born, while still in the tummy he helped his mum pick 40 kilos of wild weeds and prepare the high country bergamot while dad brewed the beer.

It is spring in a can! A refreshing Spring Saison with wild and herbal flavours and hints of Chartreuse. Brewed with high country bergamot from Jane & Brian Casey from Mountain Yuzu and wild foraged weeds including nettles, mallow, dandelion, cleavers, milk thistle & borage hand picked from our gardens and the banks of the Snowy River. Artist - Melissa Castrillon.


Winter Farmhouse Ale - 500ml 5.6%

Pinot Noir Barrel Fermented Red Saison w/ wild rose bramble

The second release in our seasonal farmhouse range. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Lightfoot & Sons winery. Partially fermented on Pinot Noir lees in a freshly emptied hogshead from Lightfoot & Sons. This beer was then blended back into a Red Saison brewed with wild rose bramble we foraged from the Canberra region. We used the rose bramble roots in the kettle to add subtle bitterness and an earthy tannic quality. The fruit (rosehips) were added late in fermentation and added a bright floral jamminess. Aromas and flavours of sour cherry mix with peppery and fruity Saison yeast and caramel malt character to create a rich and full flavoured Winter Farmhouse ale.  Artist - Melissa Castrillon.


Autumn Farmhouse Ale - 500ml 5.9%

Brewed with Rye & Carrot Seed Flowers

 A spicy & earthy rye Saison. Brewed with locally grown carrot seed flowers from Lindenow providing delicate carrot and apricot notes.  Artist - Melissa Castrillon.

Breakfast Stout - 500ml 5%

Packed to the 500ml brim with earl-aye morning essentials! Oats, milk sugar, a touch of vanilla and cinnamon and a hit of coffee - Ethiopian Sidamo Werka, an heirloom variety coffee micro-roasted by our old friends at Genovese We have also incorporated a little Lark Whisky barrel oak aging for good measure.  Artist - Joe Lyward


Milky Way: Custard Apple Milk Berliner Weisse - 355ml 4%

Our Homage to the ubiquitous Japanese fermented milk drink Calpis. For years bright young things in Japan have been adding Calpis to their beers, our interpretation of this phenomenon is a kettle soured milk and custard apple Berliner Weisse. Creamy, tart and extremely moreish  Artist - Joe Lyward

elderflower lable copy.jpg

Dry hopped Raspberry & Elderflower Grisette  - 355ml 4.3%

Grisette brewed with foraged elderflowers and Picnic Point Farm raspberries. Dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc. A blend of earthy and aromatic with aromas of fresh raspberry, elderflower and vinous hop character. Creamy, dry and very drinkable.  Artist - Joe Lyward


First Harvest Grisette - 355ml 4.3%

A very drinkable farmhouse style brewed with fresh cut hay from a neighbouring farm, Victorian grown Shin-Cha tea and local Spotted Gum honey. Pours cloudy straw coloured with a thick and persistent head. Earthy aromas of hay and tea combined with fruity yeast esters. Creamy in the mouth with subtle hay and honey flavours and a bone-dry finish.

 Artist - Joe Lyward


Altocumulus 2: Dry-hopped Blueberry Berliner Weisse - 355ml 4%

Pale , dry and creamy with a gentle tartness. Soft citrus notes from the fresh blueberry are complemented by the bright and aromatic dry-hops.  Artist - Joe Lyward

grapefruit label copy.jpg

Grapefruit & Marigold Saison - 355ml 6%

Classic Saison juicy-fruit flavours and dryness from this Belgian yeast strain is cut through with a hint of grapefruit and Marigold from our farm. This is a balanced and refreshing Saison with a silky texture.  Artist - Joe Lyward

whiskey sour lable copy.jpg

Whisky Sour Berliner Weisse - 355ml 4.3%

A fun and refreshing take on a Berliner Weisse that plays with the flavours of a Whisky Sour. Lemony, with a fat creamy head and subtle cherry, orange and whisky aromas, this beer finishes smooth and dry.  Artist - Joe Lyward


Dry-hopped Mandarin Berliner Weisse - 355ml 4%

Pale, dry and creamy with a gentle tartness. A bounty of local mandarins and Amarillo hops and a citrus burst that is perfect for a hot Summer’s day.  Artist - Joe Lyward