Artists we work with. . . . 

We get asked all the time who does our artwork, We currently work with a range of Artists, all of which strangly come from England!

We are Huge fans of their work and love the process of sending of briefs and waiting to see what beautiful illustrations to comes back. 


Joe Lyward - An Englishman currently living in Japan 

We found Joe after months of searching the internet world, looking, stalking, pondering. We were looking for something that said Sailors Grave, and he looked like he spoke our language! We invited him to come and stay with us for a while, we shared beer, our love of whales and a deeper understanding of what Sailors Grave is but most importantly what it looked like! 

Instagram - @lywardian


Melissa Castrillón 

Melissa Castrillón is a freelance illustrator and designer with a particular passion for print, pattern and punchy colour combos. She attended the Cambridge School of Art and gained a First class Honours Degree in Illustration in 2009 and a Masters degree in Children's book Illustration in 2014. 
Melissa lives in Cambridge, England with Her husband Luke and their cat Chimi. She works with international clients on a range of projects, from Picture books to Home decor, Book covers to editorial.

Instagram - @melissa.castrillon


Alexis Snell

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Alexis Snell later moved t0 Cardiff, where she completed a degree in printmaking in 2003. She went on to exhibit in and around Wales and Leeds and has had two art residencies, Alexis works in Lino, sometimes adding watercolour or gouache to complete the print. For inspiration, she looks to old matchbox covers, record sleeves, tea boxes, postcards, explorers, the circus and films. She has since moved back to Yorkshire, where she works from her studio.

Instagram - @alexissnellprintmaker